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ABOUT 5 Strengths

WE ARE NOW ONLINE!  COMPLETE ACCESS TO CUSTOM TRAINING, NUTRITION AND RECOVERY STRATEGIES ARE UNLOCKED.  INQUIRE FOR DETAILS.  FEW SPOTS ARE AVAILABLE. 5 Strengths is a premium private training center and seminar venue located on a private ranch in Bandera, Tx.

Our goal is to help all people optimize their health and realize their true potential through fitness, healthy living and discipline.  A focus on movement and proper body mechanics allows our clients to safely enjoy a wide variety of conventional and unconventional training modalities.  New seminars in fitness, martial arts, tactical conditioning and defense strategies and nutrition will be offered shortly at our new location. 

Some of our specialties include;

Olympic lifting and Power lifting

Efficient mechanics


running technique

climbing and throwing

kettlebell, mace and weighted club work

high intensity interval training

specialized strength and conditioning for athletes

wide variety of seminars run by leaders in their domains

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